List of graduation thesis and scientific research topics for student

16:20 01/08/2018

The topics are suggested by lecturers of the Banking Faculty for students

Qualitative method

1. Secured loans are movable assets such as inventory, receivables, brands, and patents
Lecturer: Master Le Thi Anh Quyen.
The goal is to explore, exploit and promote lending based on collateral assets of businesses instead of banks focusing on lending based on real estate collateral.
2. Controlling personal lending activities for real estate investment.

Lecturer: Master Le Thi Anh Quyen
Solutions are found out to control, limit loans for risky real estate investment.

3.BPO- New international payment method for Vietnam import and export traders

Lecturer: Master Nguyen Nhi Quang
In-depth study of BPO payment method, a new trade finance product for import-export businesses in addition to traditional products like L / C. Besides, the project also aims to assess the possibility to apply BPD to the safe activities of export enterprises in Vietnam.

4. Applying a new financial product to bank X

Lecturer: Master Nguyen Thi Thu Trang
Specific description of the new product, highlight the necessary and sufficient conditions to apply the product and analyze the bank under consideration and without any conditions, estimate the value of the bank when applying new product.

5. Building a package of banking services for businesses.
Lecturer: Master Nguyen Nhi Quang
The goal is to evaluate the potential of full-service service model for businesses at X bank to complete this model through designing product packages that are suitable for each type of business as well as standardize procedure to supply this package to business customers.

6. Building a set of financial exhausition indicators for Vietnamese enterprises.

Lecturer: Master Tran Kim Long
With an eye to using professional in-depth interview tool to set up financial exhausition indicators, this research will be the foundation for research of bankruptcy and insolvency. 

 7. Analysis on personal trust behaviors based on game theory. 

Lecturer: Master Nguyen Chi Duc
The market economy based on trust and credibility is the basis for the socio-economic development, in which personal trust is the basis for the development of the whole society's trust. The objective of the project is to apply game theory to analyze trust behavior of two individuals involved in transactions, thereby suggesting some suggestions for state management.

 8. Trust game and representative between bank and bank staff   
Lecturer: Master Nguyen Chi Duc
Banks and bank staff all want to benefit themselves, this is a game between trustees - banks and representatives - bank employees. The objective is to maximum benefit analysis and minimum cost, find a win-win situation in the trustee activity and this representative by basing on operational theory.

9. The role of the banking system in forming the development cycle of different industries.

Lecturer: Master Le Hoai An
The goal is to highlight the roles of the banking system as an effective tool for the government to manage the economy, an effective capital channel for the government to promote the development of a number of industries, which help creates the stock price cycle on the stock market some industry groups.

10. Re-evaluate the role of Vietnam's long-term capital channel

Lecturer: Master Le Hoai An.
Finding out the causes of restrictions in the role of the long-term capital channel of Vietnam stock market. On that basis, comparing regional countries to provide policy implications for managers. 
Quantitative methods
1. Factors affecting the ability of individual / business customers to access credit capital at bank X
Lecturer: Le Thi Thanh Ngoc
Goal of this research is to analyze factors that can affect analyze factors affecting the ability of customers to access credit capital, thereby proposing measures to improve access to credit capital.
2. Factors affecting credit risk of individual / business customers at bank X.
Lecturer: Le Thanh Ngoc
This research revolves around factors affecting credit risk of customer, which will come up with some practical solutions to this issue.

3. Factors affecting the credit quality of individual or business customers at bank X
Lecturer: Nguyen Thi Thu Trang
Goal is to analyze factors that may affect credit quality and find practical solutions for improvement.

4. Building models predicting the possibility of insolvency of corporate and personal customers.
Lecturer: Master Tran Kim Long
The goal is to apply mathematical and computer tools to classify borrowers based on their level of risk.

5. Comprehensive ecosystem of peer lending. Lessons learned from the world and suggestions for Vietnam
Lecturer: Master Vo Thi Ha
This reseesearch is to learn about the overall operation / organization of peer lending, assess the level of perfection in the world, thereby addressing the situation in Vietnam and proposing a development roadmap.

6. Impact of technology 4.0 on the provision of payment services of bank X
Lecturer: Vo Thi Ngoc Ha
The objective is to emphasize how technology 4.0 has changed the bank's payment service, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the bank's situation and propose solutions.

7. Payment activities by e-wallet / qr code with current services are provided and prospects with these activities.
Lecturer: Master Tran Vuong Thinh
The objective is to survey market demand, new directions to meet market demand, influencing factors to improve service quality in general or a specific service product of this activity. thereby understanding the market, demand and direction of modern payment activities, forming suggestions for service providers to deeply develop these activities.

8. Factors affecting Vietnam's liquidity.
Lecturer: Pham Thanh Nhat
Analyzing the factors affecting banks' liquidity in Vietnam to propose measures to improve future liquidity for banks by combining with a situation analysis.

9. The impact of scale on competitiveness of Vietnamese banks.
Lecturer: Master Dang Tri Dung
This research is the answer to the question  whether the growth in the size of banks increases the competitiveness at the corresponding level (Using GMM (General method of moments)). Thereby giving recommendations to help banks increase competitiveness.

10. Impact of management objectives on the competitiveness of listed businesses
Lecturer: Master Dang Tri Dung
This reseesearch is made in order to answer the questions of management goals such as financial leverage, the level of information disclosure, auditing, scale, profitability, and composition of the board of directors that affect competitiveness. of listed companies on the stock market. Since then, making recommendations to help listed enterprises focus on governance factors affecting the competitiveness of enterprises.

11. Factors affecting business performance of listed companies in a particular industry
Lecturer: Master Pham Thanh Nhat

The objective is to analyze the factors affecting business performance of businesses in an industry. In combination with analyzing the situation, the paper proposes measures to improve business efficiency

12. The interplay between exchange rate and inflation combined experimentally for Vietnam
Lecturer: Master Tran Vuong Thinh
The goal is to see the impact of inflation on the exchange rate and vice versa in Vietnam in the past, propose useful suggestions for both state management agencies and personal investors by understanding this relationship