Research topics

11:03 31/01/2019

Updated on January 2019

No. Year Project Name Code Level Project Director
1 2018 Overinvestment control for Vietnamese enterprises CT-1712-94 University Le Ha Diem Chi
2 2018 Financial stress indicators development for Vietnam Sector Nguyen Chi Duc
3 2017 Risk management based on Basel II application at Vietnamese state-owned commercial banks CT-1603-58 University Phan Thi Linh
4 2017 The impact of deposit insurance on market discipline in Vietnamese bank operations CT-1709-65 University Nguyen Chi Duc
5 2017 Improving the efficiency of Vietnamese commercial banks in the pressure of enforcing the TPP pact CT-1710-70 University Nguyen Hoang Vinh Loc
6 2016 Finance security of Commercial banks in Viet Nam in progress joining ASEAN financial market CT-1602-40 University Phan Thi Linh
7 2016 Developing the debt trading market in Vietnam CT-1510-38 University Dao Le Kieu Oanh
8 2016 Factors affect the willingness in disclosing information of Comercial bank in Viet Nam CT-15-04-33 University Tran Kim Long
9 2016 Solutions to improve financial knowledge for people in the Mekong Delta Sector Phan Dien Vy
10 2016 Factors affect the poverty and solutions to reduce poverty stably, become rich at central economic location in Mekong Delta Sector Le Thanh Ngoc
11 2014 Quality of brokerage services of securities companies in Ho Chi Minh City CT-1310-6 University Phan Dien Vy
12 2014 Evaluate M&A activities of Vietnamese joint stock commercial banks today CT-1422-09 University Phan Dien Vy
13 2014 Orientations and solutions to improve lending regulations of credit institutions in the current situation University Nguyen Van Phuc
14 2014 Current situation and solutions to improve loan portfolio management capacity in some joint stock commercial banks in Ho Chi Minh City Sector Bui Dieu Anh
15 2014 Solutions to expand access to banking services and utilities in rural areas in the Mekong Delta Sector Nguyen Thi Nhung
16 2014 Ability and conditions for establishing a national credit rating organization in Vietnam Sector Tran Thi Binh An
17 2014 The interaction between the price management policy and monetary policy in Vietnam Sector Nguyen Hoang Vinh Loc
18 2002 Enhance the role of bank credit for economic development in the Southern provinces Sector Nguyen Thi Nhung