Recognizing the importance of developing and maintaining an internal quality assurance (IQA) system in the university to achieve its mission and objectives, the University has implemented many activities to improve its IQA system, whereby internal and external assessment activities are considered as core measures to improve educational quality. Since 2016, the University encourages the Faculty to take the lead in conducting self-assessment and apply for external AUN-QA assessments at the programmes level.

The University formed an institutional self-assessment council under Decision No. 2047/QĐ-ĐHNH dated October 13, 2016 by the Rector of the University. The funtions of the Council is to directs the Faculty in the self-assessment of the programme. According to the Decision No. 2123/QĐ-ĐHNH dated October 17, 2016 by the Rector, the Faculty established a Project Board for AUN-QA assessment. The project leadership is manifested by Dr. Bui Dieu Anh. The project team members are the Dean, Vice Deans, and a number of institutional support staff in charge of relevant units of the University.

Responsibilities of the Leader of the Board are to direct and assign various working teams to organize self-assessment of the programme; organize meetings; finalize the self-assessment report and submit it to the university council.

Responsibilities of the project team members are to learn the AUN-QA criteria; collect information, data, and evidence for self-assessment; synthesize and analyze collected data and evidence to write a draft self-assessment report (SAR); and complete the SAR.

The self-assesment period is from December 2016 to 2019 and is divided into 4 stages:

 (i) Stage 1: Planning stage: Forming the institutional self-assessment council and the project committee; Preparing a self-assessment plan for the programe, and learning  AUN-QA criteria.

 (ii) Stage 2 : Conducting self-assessment of the programme, including collecting and analyzing evidence, interviewing, and surveying to assess the programme in line with AUN-QA criteria. Write and edit the SAR.

(iii) Stage 3 : Proofreading the SAR and collecting feedback from external consultants

(iv) Stage 4: Completing the SAR, communiting the SAR to the university’s stakeholders and submit it to AUN-QA, preparing for AUN-QA assessment.