About AUN

ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) network is a group of Chief Quality Officers (CQOs) appointed by the AUN member universities as the focal point for coordinating activities to realise the mission of harmonising educational standards and seeking continuous improvement of academic quality of universities in ASEAN. The AUN-QA activities are carried out by the CQOs in accordance to the Bangkok Accord adopted in 2000, which provides a series of guidelines to promote the development of a quality assurance system as instruments for maintaining, improving and enhancing teaching, research and the overall academic standards of AUN member universities. Since the establishment of the Bangkok Accord in 2000, AUN-QA has been actively promoting, developing, and implementing quality assurance practices based on an empirical approach where quality assurance practices are shared, tested, evaluated, and improved.

The main objectives of AUN-QA are:

- Develop, promote, implement and enhance the AUN-QA Guidelines and criteria

- Facilitate and conduct AUN quality assessment

- Serve as the authority for issuing AUN quality labels

- Develop and train quality assurance professionals and practitioners

- Provide advisory and consulting services on best quality assurance practices

- Collaborate with other quality agencies inside and outside ASEAN in relation to harmonisation of quality assurance frameworks and development of professionals in quality assurance.