Career Link Club (CLC)

23:36 22/04/2019

Career Link Club (CLC)

Career Link Club (CLC) is a club belonging to the Banking Department of the Banking University of HCMC, CLC was established and launched on March 19, 2015. CLC is an academic club model, when you are a member of CLC, you will be supported and trained skills to accumulate professional knowledge in the field of Finance and Banking. CLC is also the place for students to easily access the professional learning and working environment, from which you will be able to easily adapt to the real working environment later.



Career Link Club is not only an environment for members to exchange, learn, share knowledge about banking and finance through activities, but this is also the place where you can experience, train and cultivate your own skills and future career development orientations. Everyone together stood side by side to overcome the difficult times, the most unstable, and after all this time, CLC became a real family of members.


The club regularly organizes specialized events every weekend, as well as many great and useful programs that attract many students to participate. The club has also made great strides and successes throughout the four-year journey. Each member is always trying to improve himself and nurture and build a club that is more and more strong and developing with dreams and ambitions of youth to bring practical values ​​to all. students

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