BUH' Infrastructure Facilities and Amenities

01:13 25/02/2019

Banking University has a wide range of modern facilities to cater for 8,000 full-time learners with two official campuses in the city center and one campus in Thu Duc District. In addition, there are 100 lecture halls with white boards, projectors and other well-equipped conditions for formal training, learning events as well as academic seminars.

For example, the spacious and modern Great Hall of the University is located in Thu Duc District campus with a capacity of 900 seats. The 4-storey Hall of Residence has a total of 328 rooms (288 normal rooms and 40 well-equipped luxurious rooms) in the campus at Thu Duc District, which can accommodate over 2,600 students.

Besides, having two well-built and modern centers with a total area of ​​2,650m2, the library owns nearly 12,000 published books, 70,000 hard-copied textbooks and reference materials of all kinds in Vietnamese and foreign languages ​​to meet the growing demand for academic training and research study. There are also 66 PCs available in the self-study section with high-speed internet connection so that leaners could freely log into their accounts and access various databases such as World Bank Database, Database of Vietnamese legal system, and Database of foreign e-books. Moreover, the school also puts into use a digital library system that can connect with major universities throughout the country.

The school has nine computer rooms (two rooms at the main campus in District 1 and seven rooms at the campus in Thu Duc District) with 420 highly configured PCs. All of the PCs are Internet-connected to meet a wide range of learning needs. In addition, the University’s Wi-Fi networks allows connection all over the campus at Thu Duc District to facilitate teachers, boarding students and learners’ family members to search and retrieve information quickly in an updated manner.

Finally, the Sports Complex at BUH offers a wide range of services to provide students, academicians and administrative staff an opportunity to have a healthier lifestyle and enrich their campus life. Such facilities include a conditioning room, an outdoor Fitness Area, one running track, two football pitches, one volleyball field, one netball court, a table tennis room, a badminton court, and three Martial arts training rooms.

The Conference Hall on the second floor at the main campus in District 1

The Great Hall with 900 seats at the campus in Thu Duc District

Block A (Central teaching 1) at the campus in Thu Duc District

Block B (Central teaching 2) at the campus in Thu Duc District (under construction)

Block C (Central teaching 3) at the campus in Thu Duc District

Resting area for lectures and administrative staff at the campus in Thu Duc District

The Library at the campus in Thu Duc District

Hall of Residence at the campus in Thu Duc District

The Sport Complex at the campus in Thu Duc District