Faculty of Banking, one of 11 faculties of Banking University of Ho Chi Minh city, was established according to constitution 330/QĐ-NHNN issued by The State Bank of Viet Nam on February 26th 2014. The Faculty was formed based on the integration of Faculty of Credit and Faculty of International Banking, in accordance to the rearrangement of management system within the university, to fulfill academic duty in the new stage. With a history of nearly 40 years, inheriting the evolutionary achievements of the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, Faculty of Banking has been one of the key faculties, which paves the way for Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City to reach its aim of "becoming a multi-discipline university of business management, in which Finance - Banking is the spearhead".

Regarding organizational structure, the current Faculty of Banking has three departments: Commercial Banking, International Banking, and Investment Banking. Faculty personnel include 36 lecturers and staff. Of which there are 01 associate Professor (2.8% of total lecturers), 13 PhDs (36.1%) and 22 masters (61.1%). Well-trained and motivated, the Board of Directors and members of Faculty of Banking have been dedicated to offer the best opportunities for studying, researching and practicing morality for students, to unlock the potential, creativity and thinking capacity of each learner and to train high qualified personnel with comprehensive development of knowledge - ethics - skills.

Staffs of Banking Faculty

Being in charge of banking curriculum, in which one of the two majors specialized in Banking and Finance, Faculty of Banking defines its mission as "Training high qualified work forces with research capacity and practice in the global banking and finance environment ". In order to carry out this mission successfully, over the past few years, the Faculty of Banking has gradually built up and refined its academic curriculum, with regular update to keep pace with new knowledge. The modules are scientifically designed and highly practical, enable students to easily adapt to the dynamic and creative working environment. In the training progress, the Faculty of Banking especially focuses on integrating professional knowledge acquisition with professional skill trainings, adopting the right attitude towards profession, learning and personal development.

So as to have a basis for reviewing and appraising academic curriculum step-by-step following international standards in training quality, the key task for the Faculty of Banking is to participate in accreditation of training quality according to AUN-QA. This is also one of the necessary steps for the faculty to secure its vision for 2030, which is “the leading prestige address in Vietnam for training high qualified human resources in the field of banking and finance; The academic curriculum is assessed on a par with that of the same major in ASEAN countries”. Participating in accreditation of AUN – QA training programs is also an opportunity for Faculty of Baking to explain the quality and effectiveness of their training purpose to those who involved, and to society.